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March 11, 15:30 PDT: 1/3 of my goal has been reached!
March 12, 8:00 PDT: Just about 1/2 of my goal has been reached! Thank you!
It’s Happening!

I like to help the www.

I do this by sharing research, promoting other folks’ great ideas, pitching my own ideas, and building tools.

I’m hoping that other people like what I do. I’m hoping that’s the reason DreamHost tells me my websites have exceeded their resource limits.

Well, it’s expensive to upgrade the server and, truth be told, even the registration costs are too much for my family. So, in alphabetical order, these are the most visited sites that I would absolutely like to keep running.

In the interest of keeping these sites up and saving resources, I can let other sites die, like the collection of my original music (in lieu of using SoundCloud).

I’m bothering you with this because I want to suggest some other ways we can save these sites together. Let me know if you can help me realize any of them.

  1. You hire me for a weekend project! I use that money to keep these websites going, and you feel good knowing your money went toward quality work and keeping community projects up.
  2. I setup a PayPal donation or Gittip, and your charity blows my mind. Some awesome people are already contributing to keep polyfill.io up.
  3. I email Neil Young. I tell him that I grew up listening to Live Rust, and that Sugar Mountain has been one of my favorite songs ever since I was a little kid. Then, I use one of my own tools to gently mention that he’s consuming my resources, and politely ask him to download the script he is hotlinking and host it himself. If he replies, I call my dad, and then I grab my guitar and play Sugar Mountain for my own little girl.
  4. I just find a way to make it work, man! I’m not going to let these websites disappear, especially if you use them, and I totally relate if you’re tight on cash too.

So, what does it cost to keep these websites running? Here’s a breakdown.

  • DreamHost hosting is $119.40/year. Most of my sites are hosted here, including this blog.
  • DigitalOcean hosting is $120/year. polyfill has moved here. I’m considering moving the rest of my sites here and consolidating my hosting costs.
  • polyfill.io registration is $39/year. The SSL is an additional $16/year, but I could switch to free alternatives.
  • viewsource.in is $19.98/year. This includes catching redirects from view-source.in.
  • diveintohtml5.info registration is $9.99/year.

All together, I been spending about $300 to keep these websites running. Think you can help? Let me know. Thanks for listening. Oh, and here’s a YouTube video I made about diabetes.

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